The Musician

Donna Greene is – in every sense of the word – a rock and roll warrior. From humble pub rock beginnings in Perth, Donna has now travelled nationally and internationally as an acclaimed entertainer in many arenas, from slick corporate to explosive, full-production rock and metal.

Donna’s amazing voice and commanding stage presence has allowed her to don many musical hats with style and grace, and her communication skills have led her to be a favourite in many countries, regardless of cultural or linguistic barriers – her show stopping performance with Resonance Project at Hanoi’s My Dinh National Stadium in 2008 being a prime example.

As well as being an accomplished songwriter, Donna has the rare knack of being able to interpret the works of other artists like few can, be it Dusty Springfield’s sultry croon or Robert Plant’s exotic wail, with a presentation to match. Not only has she fronted two successful Led Zeppelin shows, including the current ‘Houses of The Holy – Led Zeppelin Experience’, but her fill-in gig fronting Perth’s Hells Bells AC/DC tribute band has become the stuff of legend. If there is something she cannot do to an exceptional level of quality, it has yet to be found.

Donna Greene is a musician with a social conscience, as evidenced when she founded the Siren Rock For MS/Rock Against MS platform in 2013, which is staged annually to raise awareness and funds for research into Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions. She is a regular supporter of numerous causes, and her profile as one of WA’s greatest women of rock has helped her to speak for the many who do not have a voice.

Although her musical palette is broad and varied, Donna is happiest when she rocks. Her recorded and live work with Graham Greene, Resonance Project and Jaime Page’s Dark Universe is testament to the fact that she has staked an unassailable claim in the male-dominated world of hard rock through talent, determination and sheer hard work.
Donna Greene – the consummate Rock Chick – continues to entertain, enlighten and inspire with her current projects, and the music world is grateful and improved for that fact.


"Shes a mother of a singer — great front lady — makes it look easy because it is for her"
 – John "Swanee" Swan

 "I couldn't take my eyes off you. Fantastic show."
– Bob Daisley


With 25 years experience as a manager, entertainer, event coordinator, liaison, music promoter & web/graphic designer Donna has found inspiration while developing and promoting environments resulting in exciting and vibrant events and outcomes all of which have lead on to greater challenges and opportunities for further success.

Donna continues to add her expertise to all promotional, music & entertainment businesses that she is involved with and is committed to providing entertainment services of the highest integrity and professional standards, while delivering excellence and building long-term relationships with her local, national and international friends.


  In May 2013, while preparing to perform in a one of show to honour the late Chrissy Amphlett who lost her battle with Multiple Sclerosis and breast cancer, Donna was diagnosed with MS and Optic Neuritis. June 2013, Donna added the Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA to her list and began her Rock For MS campaign to aid the cause.
On April 8 2014, Rock For MS and Rock Against MS were each registered as a NFP (without DGR status) partnership with Jaime Page, furthering her commitment to raising funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis in WA and Australia.


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